Genuine revival in China, must see video!!
    The Church in China has and is experiencing genuine revival on a
    Biblical, Apostolic scale. Today alone approximately 30,000 people
    will get saved in China to add to their 100million plus church. Why?
    Chinese house church believers display a passion unequaled in the
    church worldwide in their circumstances of intense persecution from
    the Communist government. Many believers spend years in prison for
    their faith. Brokenness, repentance, humility and a willingness to trust,
    obey and lay it all down for the Lord has turned China into one of the
    most remarkable stories in Church history. This video will challenge
    your faith and who you are in Jesus, to the core. In China there are
    miracles and even people are raised from the dead, but that is never
    the emphasis of the house church Christians. The Cross always
    remains at the center of their faith. In our comfortable Western
    Christianity, we would do well to learn from China. ~ GodTube
The Bald Eagle is a symbol of America, and of strength, wisdom,
courage, and spiritual protection. The symbolic message of the eagle
represents a state of grace achieved from within. I like the bald
eagle's coloring. The eagle's fantastic eyesight is also a wonder of
God's creation.. In Psalms it says those who wait on the Lord will
mount up with wings as eagles. Want to fly high? Wait on the Lord.

David created this photo using Adobe Photoshop. He added a
Crimean sky and did quite a of work on the big bird too. On Saturday
the 27th of September, 2008 the photo was awarded
Featured Photo
honors on
Click on the blue award button above to
visit the album where this eagle and others fly.         

As we look forward to the elections remember Rick Joyner's words,
"An eagle needs both its left and right wing to fly."  Get God's will on
your choices. He sees past the hype into the heart.
To get a high definition print of this eagle suitable for framing
contact David or go to the Contact Us page.
Bald Eagle in a Crimean Sky!
I have given them the glory that you
gave me, so that they may be one, just as we are one.
I am in them, and you are in me. May they be completely one, so
that the world may know that you sent me and that you have loved
them as you loved me.  John 17:22 & 2
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The Future of the
House Church Movement
Frank Viola opines on the housechurch     
movement and much more -

Frank delivers what he considers to be one of the most
important messages he has ever given. We agree. It was
delivered at the 2007 National House Church Conference in
Dallas, Texas. He is making this message available for free
download for the first time. Click anywhere here to download it:
After clicking on the link, you may need to wait a minute before it
begins. If for some reason it doesn't start after a minute, just
"right click" on the link, and then click "Save Target As" and the
message will be saved on your computer.

For background to this AUDIO message, read
this blog entry:  

Note: This message is for all who gather in alternative forms of
church, not just house churches. It's also for those who are
interested in learning about the present state of the house
church movement and where it may be headed. It also has
broad implications for the whole body of Christ.
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I have found that there are three stages in every great work of
God: first, it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.
~     James Hudson Taylor
MP3 Audio on the Depression,
why it is coming and how to survive it
Warning was given November 2007 and predicted
what is happening today.
"LAST DAYS" ~ Timely Word from David Wilkerson
for difficult times.