We distribute financial support, clothing, medical equipment, computers,
furniture, food and toys to poor families, orphanages, village schools and
kindergartens, children's hospitals and handicapped or disabled people.
American Mission Teams Crimea uses the good will we create this way to open
doors for teaching children, youth and adults about the love of God for them
as expressed in our help, but most especially in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on
the cross for our salvation.

Light of Crimea Foundation is technically a secular Charity, approved to
distribute humanitarian aid throughout Crimea. We were registered as a
Ukrainian non-profit charity in 2003 by D.G. Hallowell of American Mission
Teams, Crimea, a Christian mission.  From our conception we have given aid
to "thrown away," or abandoned and institutionalized children, children little
cared for and children in the fatherless families of Crimea. We give to
children's hospitals, children's halfway houses, orphanages and orphan
schools. We grew out of our start-up as a department of the Foundation for
Humanitarian Initiatives in 1999. Since then, with the wonderful help of
House International
in Ohio and now more frequently NIICCA in Northern
Ireland we have distributed approximately 300 tons of humanitarian aid, mostly
to children at risk and the people and institutions that serve them.

Ultimately our purpose extends beyond mere survival help. In the belief that
children prosper best in families, we have created a new foundation called
River of Joy and have begun to partner with her to create a new foster family
incubation and child placement system for teaching good families how to raise
difficult and risky children, introducing them to the tools they need to make that
possibility happen, then presenting the children themselves.
Northern Ireland Children's Charity Appeal
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Light of Crimea
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