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Church and Orphan home.
The vision we have for a place to temporary house and shelter orphans and bring families and orphans together is
getting a jump start! We have a family of 17, one grown,16 coming our way, 4 of whom are Russian orphans and 5
Ukrainian orphans. This family is the Reed family, currently of Beaumont California. They have adopted the children,
are finding ways to get them healed and are planning to move the whole tribe to River of Joy in Crimea ASAP.
That gives us a special hurry-up in order to accomodate them.
Visit their rich Blog.

We also see a great need for a church building in the Kainaute/Mezhgorie area. What looks good for starters is to
build a two storey building that accomodates both the family and a meeting hall for the local church and for camps
and conference meetings. This has become our number one project.